Who We Are

Donna Neumann


A senior human resource and labour relations practitioner who has held executive positions in health care and telecommunications, Donna founded Windowpane Management to create a human resources firm that provided tailored and practical HR advice and strategies to meet the unique needs of each organization whether on a retainer based, on-going basis or for a specific project.  She built the Company on a commitment to knowledgeable, respectful, and responsive service.

In the last several years, she has focused the Company’s efforts on third party neutral work including workplace investigations, assessments, facilitation, consultation.  She continues to stay current in these evolving fields through specialized training in these areas.  She also serves as negotiator, often in collective bargaining situations.

She has been a mentor to indigenous youth through the a stay-in-school program for the last four years and is currently undertaking further education in indigenous culture and relations.  She has recently completed  the ‘Restorative Justice, Practises and Circles’ through the ADR Learning Institute.

Cora Perez

Cora joined Windowpane Management as Office Manager in 2004. Cora’s background is in legal, engineering, and human resource management support work. Excellence in organizational and interpersonal skills as well as extensive knowledge of human resource management functions are hallmarks of Cora’s contribution to the successes of Windowpane Management.

We are often complimented on Cora’s cheery, discreet, and efficient client service. Our team would not be complete without her!

Windowpane Management Inc.

Whether investigating, assessing, facilitating, or negotiating, we respect the people involved and create a space where everyone is willing to discuss perspectives and understand other points of view with patience and courtesy.