Facilitation & Consultation Services in Alberta

We have a history of resolving issues and identifying solutions in tough situations by working for clarity, common ground, and strong channels of communication to help reduce distance between parties. This includes ensuring participants feel safe when conversations become difficult.

A history of solving tough problems

We have two decades of experience of resolving issues and finding solutions in tough situations. Specifically, we have worked as a neutral third party in countless high-stakes negotiations between parties with seemingly conflicting interests.

We work for clarity, common ground, and strong channels of communication. Facilitation and mediation are important tools in every aspect of our work because they help reduce distance between parties. We have found that diplomacy, calm confidence in the process, and a sense of humour have been as important to facilitation as our practical experience.

Bringing parties to the table

Good solutions often require difficult conversations. Without these conversations, we lose opportunities to see issues and each other clearly. Our approach is to respect the people involved and create a space where everyone is willing to discuss options, understand other points of view, and expand perspectives. We find that when approaches and outcomes are inclusive and practical, they are likely to last.

Deepening the reconciliation conversation

We have become increasingly interested, both professionally and personally, in the ongoing reconciliation conversation with indigenous communities. We are deeply impressed with the indigenous approach to problem solving and respect for others. Developing skills working with restorative justice and talking circles have been recent compelling interests of ours. Windowpane Management Inc. has been a mentor for young people in business for many years and is now also working with aboriginal youth.

One story of a difficult & successful facilitation

As an example of an effective facilitation, we worked to resolve a contentious issue surrounding a children’s program. The solution involved finding common ground among four different groups: parents, administration, union, and non-union employees. The situation became more complex when it attracted media scrutiny. We facilitated a meeting for more than 200 people representing these groups. Within the meeting, we set up discussions to hear key issues for each party and set goals to resolve those issues. Together, the parties came to a satisfactory answer that created a great deal of positive momentum in the community.

Windowpane Management Inc.

Whether investigating, assessing, facilitating, or negotiating, we respect the people involved and create a space where everyone is willing to discuss perspectives and understand other points of view with patience and courtesy.