Workplace Investigations & Assessments in Alberta

We understand, investigate, and analyze complex people problems, find root causes, and deliver clear findings and conclusions.   Our respectful, empathetic interviewing skills allow participants to feel heard and encourages them to participate in the process.


Acting as a third party neutral we investigate incidents or patterns in the workplace. We have completed an excess of 100 investigations in areas of bullying, sexual harassment, and discrimination. Our approach to investigations is:

  • set up a formal process to investigate conduct issues
  • give advice on internal communications strategy
  • analyze and gain insight into complex, multi-layered problems
  • deliver clear, unbiased findings based on investigation results
  • discuss recommendations and next steps, where appropriate

Workplace assessments

Workplace assessments help management understand, resolve, and prevent potential or actual problems. In an assessment, we:

  • define and discover scope and cause of employee problems
  • evaluate roles, responsibilities, accountabilities, and resources
  • find and communicate key areas of risk for employee conduct, retention, and culture
  • assess gaps in policies and strategies for managing people within the organization
  • evaluate whether current policies reflect client’s intended culture
  • deliver clear, actionable reports to management

Windowpane Management Inc.

Whether investigating, assessing, facilitating, or negotiating, we respect the people involved and create a space where everyone is willing to discuss perspectives and understand other points of view with patience and courtesy.