Workplace Negotiation Services in Alberta

We have deep experience with negotiation, often in collective bargaining situations. Our blend of respect, professionalism, and calm pragmatism allows us to successfully negotiate multifaceted conflictual situations. Negotiation is often embedded in, or a continuation of, facilitation and mediation efforts. Regardless of how the need to negotiate is arrived at, the same knowledge and skills are the keystones of successful outcomes.

Breadth of experience with labour negotiations

We have negotiated dozens or first and renewal agreements.  Working across industries in the private and public sector we have been involved with health care; manufacturing; housing; energy; logistics; government; construction; education; post-secondary;  marketing and communication; entertainment;  aviation; etc.

Unions with which we have negotiated include United Nurses of Alberta, CUPE, AUPE, Health Sciences Association of Alberta, Boilermakers, SAIT Faculty Association, IBEW, Calgary Board of Education Staff Association, United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, and United Food and Commercial Workers.

Windowpane Management Inc.

Whether investigating, assessing, facilitating, or negotiating, we respect the people involved and create a space where everyone is willing to discuss perspectives and understand other points of view with patience and courtesy.